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Insulated Glass

Insulated Glass, is a combination of two or more panes of glass. There both layers are spaced apart by a spacer bar with a primary and secondary sealant with one or more air spaces amongst. These air spaces are filled with air and gas that help to improve the thermal performance indoor, so considerably reducing the cost of heating and air-conditioning. Insulated glass is a simply effective way in cumulative comfort in environment.

Replacement Insulated Glass Window Panels

Your Windows are SAFE in our hands!! Crystal Glass Inc can provide a replacement for your insulated glass panels. You will receive great service and products that will exceed your expectations. Insulated glass units help keep heat in during winter and heat out during the summer – saving you money on your energy bills.

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Do I Have To Replace My Entire Window?

No! If your window is broken or “fogged”, we at Crystal Glass can replace the glass in the frame. You can save the expense of replacing the entire frame! Though insulated glass units stay faithful to you for a long time, the seal between the 2 panes of glass sometimes fail. As a result, the inner side between the 2 glass pieces fogs up which in turn calls for replacement. In case of an accident as well where only one pane of the glass breaks, we can help you replace the entire insulated glass unit.

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