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Get the replacements you need when your door just won’t close

Eventually, your door closer will fail. However, the glass repair technicians that you know and trust can also replace this integral part of your business’s door. Choose from one of our high quality brands and have one of our professionals install it. Your satisfaction with our level of workmanship and materials is guaranteed!

You’ll get only the top quality brands:
  • Yale
  • LCN
  • Falcon
  • And more

Door Closers in Muncie Indiana

Crystal Glass in Muncie Indiana offers a wide variety of door closers to fit both your commercial and residential needs. When determining what type of closer you will need, it’s important to determine questions including how often it will be used, what the desired appearance of the closer will have and its longevity.

Purchase Decisions

Before purchasing door closers for your business, consider the following factors:
  • Building specifications
  • Size and weight of the door
  • How often the door will be used
  • Affordability

Types of Door Closers

After assessing the factors above, the next step is to determine what type of door closer will work best in your space. At Crystal Glass, we offer six types of door closers; three overhead closers and three concealed closers.

Overhead Door Closers

Regular Arm

This type of door closer is located on the pull-side, or exterior, of the door. When the door is closed, the arm of the door closer extends straight out. This is the most powerful type of door closer, making it ideal for heavy doors which experience a lot of traffic.

Top Jamb

Similar to regular arm, a top jamb door closer is also located on the pull-side of the door. However, the spring-loaded box is situated on the front of the door frame. This type of door closer is optimal for aluminum or glass doors.

Parallel Arm

This type of door closer has two arms on the top of the door attached to a spring-loaded box when closed. Unlike regular arm and top jamb, the box sits on the push side of the door. This types is most commonly used in commercial properties & schools.

Other Door Closers


Unlike the overhead door closers, a concealed door closer fits in the door and its frame, making it invisible when the door is closed. This type of door closer is much more attractive, however, it is only recommended for lighter interior doors.

Surface Mounted

This door closer is fitted to the frame via the bar on the back of the door. Not only is the surface-mounted door closer smaller, but it can easily match the door colors. It is a cost-effective, tasteful option for doors which close automatically.

Floor Spring

Similar to the Concealed door closer, the floor spring door closer is out of view. However, this type of closer is mounted to the floor by a bar that controls the closing. A floor spring door closer is ideal for a glass storefront door.

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